Intuitive Sensing Abilities

What are your dominant sensing abilities? Do you know when your intuition is guiding you? Here is a great guide of the 4 most common sensing channels that you may experience. 
 Clairvoyance means clear seeing. This is when visions past, present and future flash through our mind’

Reiki for Children and Animals

There are few differences between giving a full session to an adult, and giving to a child or animal. While we can clearly see the difference between children and animals, the reason I categorize them together when teaching reiki is because they have similar needs in a session. Here a

How to Stay Focused in a Reiki Session

The question: “How do I keep my mind from wandering while giving a Reiki session?”     Whether you are just starting out on your Reiki journey, or a seasoned professional like myself, having a wandering mind can be a common occurrence. Here are my favourite tips

History of Reiki

HISTORY and ORIGIN of REIKI The tradition of Reiki has been passed on by master to master and student to student by word of mouth. There are many stories and versions of how Dr. Mikao Usui (pronounced Sue-E) also known by his students as Usui Sensei, became enlightened and passed down

Clear Your Mind & Stay Focused in a Session

Sometimes it’s just plain hard to keep your mind clear or focused on the task at hand. Especially if you are giving a Reiki or energy session. For some people, staying focused on 1 single breath can be challenging let alone trying to keep your mind still for an entire 60 or 90 m

Dr.Oz Endorses Reiki

Reiki is becoming more mainstream in our society thanks to high profile people such as Dr. Oz and Oprah who endorse and use energy healing in their own personal lives and professions. What Dr. Oz says about Energy Medicine and Reiki: He has spoken over the years about the benefits Rei

Energy Healing Principles

There are many branches of the energy healing tree including Reiki, Quantum Touch, Therapeutic Touch, Chakra Balancing, Intuitive Healing and many many more. While each practitioner will have their own way of working with energy and what they will do with their clients, most of them b

Chakra Energy Centers

In humans, the major Chakras are in a vertical line down center of body, and in animals a more triangular placement. Different traditions describe different numbers of Chakras – some 7, some 8 and even some 12. The ones we deal with in Reiki are the 7 main and the minor ones in hands