A Reiki Share or Group Gathering is a chance for you as a Reiki Practitioner (of any level) to come together with other Reiki Starlets to share, grow and learn from each other.

These evenings include a grounding and protecting mediation at the beginning of the evening. It’s also a chance to connect and learn from others. Often, other practitioners attending have valuable insights and experience to share as well so it can be a beautiful collective energy of sharing on all levels.

Most importantly, you’ll also have the opportunity to give and receive a Reiki session with each other. As you know…. this can feel Ahhhh-mazing and you gain valuable experience when you give and receive from others. (Some of my deepest learning experiences came from receiving sessions from other practitioners)

The next Reiki Share Gathering:

Early 2020 – Date to be announced

6:30 pm – 9:00 pm
714 Discovery St, Victoria BC
Advanced registration and payment is required to attend. No drop ins.

Cancellation Policy: There is a firm “No Refund Policy” in place for Reiki Shares. We are unable to refund your payment or reschedule you to a future event due to any cancellations including schedule conflicts, illness or ‘not feeling up for it’. There is much time, effort and money that goes into processing registrations, preparing for the Share and facilitation and we hope you will honour and respect this by being fully committed to showing up. Day before and day of drop outs really impact the dynamics and logistics of the evening. Your presence makes a difference and your absence is impactful, so please be sure you can fully commit to the evening before registering.

The fine fine details...

  • Who Can Come?

    You! If you have taken any level of Reiki. From Level 1ers to Masters.... you are all welcome to join us.
  • What Will the Evening Look Like?

    You'll arrive promptly on time.
    We'll have a quick meet and greet with each other.

    You'll be guided through a grounding and energy protection meditation to help you become present and let go of everything that has been on your plate leading up to the evening.

    Then we share the Reiki Love. You'll give and receive sessions with each other. This maybe in the form of 1-1 sessions or in group format with a couple people working on 1 person and switching around. It will depend on our numbers.

    You'll leave around 9:00ish feeling a little more relaxed, balanced and full of positive energy so you can go out and make a difference in the world in your own special way.
  • What to Bring

    You really just have to bring yourself, your positive energy and a water bottle if you are able.

    If you are applying to the Canadian Reiki Association and want to log another hour, please bring a blank "Case Study Form" for your partner to sign. You can find this form on the CRA website: