I have something fun for you!
A Day to Play With Energy….
and Enhance your Intuition.

This is specifically for Reiki practitioners so you can heighten your intuitive senses and feel energy on a more profound level. This is perfect for you if you been wanting to sense more things energetically while giving reiki sessions to others, or to be able to feel your own energy more often.

It’s going to include:
– Guided meditations
– Intuition expanding exercises
– Sensing auras / energy fields
– Tuning into your clair-sentient ability to feel the energy
– Lots of hands-on playing with energy to heighten your abilities

This isn’t a part of the ‘Reiki training’ but think of it as an addition to the foundation of Reiki. These skills and techniques can be incorporated into your existing practice and help you ‘feel the energy’ more when you are working.

Open to all levels of Reiki students.

The Fine Details:

Registration Closed – the next date will be in mid-2018

To be placed on the waiting list for the next workshop in the Spring Semester, please go here.