Intuition Development


Grow and expand your intuition over the course of 4 weeks.
You already have this natural ability within you (whether you’ve noticed it or not). The more you tune in to your intuition and use it, the quicker and more heightened it becomes.

The Intuition Development Circle is a course made up of 4 weekly classes where you’ll practice easy exercises that will expand and grow your intuition and insights. Some of these exercises will include simple meditations, guided visualizations, journaling, angel and oracle cards, crystals and gemstones and so much more. Plus you’ll receive a variety of weekly home study practices for you to choose from that will heighten your abilities.

Imagine your life where you…

  • Make decisions quickly and confidently
  • Have more clarity and focus
  • Live with ease and in the natural flow of energy
  • Know what direction to move forward in
  • Can let go and be guided through life
  • Feel more aligned and balanced
  • Easily ‘tune into’ friends and family no matter where they are
    – across the planet, passed away or right beside you.

At the advanced Blossom Level, you have the opportunity to work one-on-one with Lindsay Rose to fully expand your intuitive abilities. In this private session, we’ll focus on clearing and releasing stuck stagnant energy so you feel lighter and brighter. Time will be spent grounding and protecting your energy field as well as expanding your 3rd eye and crown chakras so you have more clarity, focus, insight and a heightened sensitivity to intuitive messages coming through.

Class dates:  Tuesdays January 28th, February 4th, 11th, 18th, 2020
6:30 pm – 9:00 pm
714 Discovery St, Victoria
$125 or $215


Enhance Intuition
4 Group Classes
Home Study Exercises
$ 125
Expand Intuition
4 Group Classes
Home Study Exercises
75 min Private Session
Unlimited Email Support
$ 215
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Lindsay Rose, how did you grow your Intuition?

The most common question I get from clients and students is "How did you grow your intuition to the level it is at today?" a level where: - I can make contact with someone and within minutes 'see or feel' things about their lives. - I am guided to areas of the body in need of healing, or where energy is blocked. - I think of someone and within minutes or hours, they will call me. - I can sense when a loved one who has passed on is near by wanting to say hello. - I will often get an image of a future event happening for a client, and down the road I will touch base with them and they tell me about the exact thing I saw (without knowing what I had seen). - I get very clear and precise answers to my questions quickly without effort. - I will 'randomly' see a piece of information (like a name & location of somewhere), and the next day it will be exactly what I need to know ('do you know where 'this store' is?) truly is a miraculous gift to have. So how did it grow this strong? Simply by trusting in it, and by practicing with it. By using my intuition over and over again, it expands. I never had a 'pivotal moment' when it all of a sudden turned on. No 'awakening', just a gradual awareness that it was present. I simply tuned into it, trusted it was there, and used it as much as possible. The more awareness I had of it, the more often it occurred. The more I trusted in the insights that were presenting themselves to me, the stronger it grew. It really is that simple, and everyone can tap into it. My healing arts career allow my intuition to be used and relied upon on an almost daily basis. So this is my advice to anyone who wants to expand their own intuitive abilities -- practice using your intuition on a very regular basis. Not sure you can stay motivated week after week to do so or where exactly to start? This is precisely why I've created this 4 week course - to help you stay motivated, to stay focused and to fully trust in the entire process as it unfolds. Your life will be beautifully different when your intuition is guiding you. It's almost magical.
Lindsay Rose Turner