Venturing into the Healing Arts field, as a full time or part time career, can be both exhilarating and scary at the same time. You have a natural gift for helping others and if that was the only aspect needed for being a successful practitioner, then this “work” would be a breeze. But there are so many other layers and sometimes even fears of opening and operating a Healing Arts Practice that aren’t taught to you when you take your healing courses.

You want to know…

  • Whether to jump in full time or just dip your toe in
  • Where to wisely spend your money and on what things
  • What equipment and supplies you ‘really’ need to start up
  • How to manage your schedule and client sessions
  • What to charge
  • How to find clients
  • How to be professional in a “woo-woo” field
  • How to keep yourself from feeling overwhelmed and stay energized
  • How to stay spiritually focused while running a business


Join me for this workshop where I get completely truthful and real about having a career in the Healing Arts. I will share with you the success (and fails) of my 7+ year professional practice and Reiki School. I’ll teach you what I wished someone would have taught me when I was starting out (and would have saved me thousands of dollars). You’ll be sent home with heaps of practical how-to’s, worksheets and resources to get you started and for you to confidently follow your heart and dreams.

Course Dates: This course will re-open in mid-2018
Cost:  $135 (for 3 class series) – REGISTRATION CLOSED

Want to take this course the next time it is being held? Go here, and I’ll notify you when registration opens.

  • My Karma Friendly Cancellation Policy

    When you register and make your payment, that’s my cue to block out a seat — and shoo other folks away if the class will be full. I prepare your worksheets and other surprises and I start brewing and meditating on your journey that’s just beginning and holding you in my mind while I’m stuck in traffic.

    I invest in you — just like you invest in yourself, by investing in this class. And that’s why, with exception of tsunamis, earthquakes, tornadoes, avalanches and grief-stricken situations, I do not offer refunds for cancellations —which, to my delight, are fairly infrequent.

    If you are in dire straights and need to reschedule the workshop to a later date (no guarantees when it will be held again), please please get a hold of me (via email or at 250-595-1985) as soon as possible — out of respect for me and my time to re-jig the class, and most importantly out of respect for those other fine souls I may have to turn away if a seat is not available. If a rescheduling happens in advanced, I will hold your payment. Because commitment is sexy, and extra time + energy goes into the process, an additional fee of $50 is charged to reschedule to another class. If less than 48 hours (2 days) notice is given or you are a “no show” you will forfeit the entire payment.

    That, my friends, is my Karma-Friendly Cancellation Policy.

What they say.....