Level 3 Personal Mastery

This level is for personal growth, transformation and increased enlightenment.
This degree involves an increased level of energy.

This level includes these elements:

  • Advanced healing techniques + skills
  • Deep healing practices + meditation
  • Learning the Reiki Master Symbol
  • Skills to help you work more intuitively in sessions
  • Professional Reiki Practice Guidelines + Advice
  • Giving + Receiving a full length Reiki session
  • Master Attunement Ceremony
  • A Certificate of Completion + Manual

* This course meets the required hours of training to apply to the Canadian Reiki Association.

After receiving Master certification, most students will notice their own personal spiritual journey will accelerate in the months after this level. Many find themselves steadily moving forward in life, as energy continues to shift to allow old blockages to be released and new positive energy to arise. It’s really a phenomenal feeling… and I hope you get the chance to experience it!

Upon completion of this course you will be certified as a Reiki Master in the Traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho system of natural healing. You hold the title of a Reiki Master at this level, but you are unable to teach it to others without additional training.

This level can be combined with the Master Teaching Certification for those who want to teach and train other Reiki practitioners. It is highly recommended you gain 4-6 months of regular in-depth hands on experience as a Reiki Master, preferably in a professionally paid manner, before taking your Teacher Training. You must demonstrate a high level of professionalism and experience before becoming a reiki teacher.

To become a Reiki Master is a respected honour to hold. I look forward to growing and expanding you in this profound capacity.

Prerequisite: Reiki Level 2
– A 6-12 month grace period between Level 2 & Master is advised.
– Exceptions may apply based on the amount of session experience and practice since level 2. (see below)
– Extensive practice of giving both in person and long distance sessions, usually at least 30-50+ full in person sessions to others. Please read below:

    • Ready to be a Master? Are you doing these things?

      Becoming a ‘Master’ is about the experience you have in the field opposed to the content you will learn from a text book in the class. My best advice for you if you are considering your Master level is to practice, practice, practice.

      The path toward Master means the sessions you are giving are expanding into new territory and you are having a variety of experiences along your journey.

      – You may not always do the ‘standard’ session every single time, but you are allowing your intuition to guide you. You may be adding in a few new techniques (depending on what you learned in Level two… I taught students how to do ‘Beaming’, ‘Chakra balancing’ and ‘Body Scanning’).

      – Your ‘sensing’ abilities are heightening — you are feeling the energy in most sessions, perhaps even have insights or intuitive thoughts.

      – Your time management in a session is smooth and you are able to have flexibility when your intuition guides you to say longer in a position etc. Your sessions are neither rushed nor overly slow or lagging behind… but a natural flow from start to finish, as balanced as possible for each hand placement.

      – You feel confident enough to work with people who you don’t know, and you have worked with a variety of people already (meaning, not just the same close friends and family, but able to work with others too).

      – You can answer people’s questions about energy healing / Reiki or what they may be experiencing during a session with ease and confidence. You are also able to talk about this field easily to others, so it’s comfortable for both of you… and not overly ‘woo-woo’ sounding to those who may not understand energy.

      – You are doing a fair number of Long Distance Sessions for people. I often send Reiki to my friends/family who are going through tough time (so not always a full-on professional style of session, but a 20-30 minute ‘send them love’ kind of thing, but incorporating the Reiki symbols into it)

      – You incorporate energy healing into your own personal life, both through self-healing practices and receiving sessions from other practitioners (allows you to surrender and let someone else care for you).

      – You have memorized the 3 Reiki Symbols (saying the names and drawing them), and intuitively use them in your sessions as needed (although the Power Symbol will likely be used to open/close a session most times).

      If you feel that the majority of these are already happening for you, then you are definitely ready for your Master level. I like to say that I don’t make you a Master by you attending my class, but you ALREADY feel like a Master and I simply confirm it (and show you a heap of other goodies to add in to your practice to amp up the energy and heighten your spiritual journey).

    Course Fee: $450
    Location: 714 Discovery St, Victoria, BC
    Length: 1 day –  9:30 am – 6:00 pm  (8.5 hours)
    Class Size: 2-4 students
    Upcoming Training Dates:

    Saturday March 14, 2020 – Registration Open

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    • My Karma Friendly Cancellation Policy

      When you register and make your first payment, that’s my cue to block out a seat — and shoo other folks away if the class will be full. I prepare your manual. I start crafting your name tag and graduation certificate. I start brewing and meditating on your journey that’s just beginning and holding you in my mind while I’m stuck in traffic.

      I invest in you — just like you invest in yourself, by investing in this class. And that’s why, with exception of tsunamis, earthquakes, tornadoes, avalanches and grief-stricken situations, I do not offer refunds for cancellations —which, to my delight, are fairly infrequent.

      If you are in dire straights and need to reschedule your training to a later date, please please get a hold of me (via email or at 250-595-1985) as soon as possible — out of respect for me and my time to re-jig the class, and most importantly out of respect for those other fine souls I may have to turn away if a seat is not available. If a rescheduling happens, I will hold your payment until you are able to join me again. Because commitment is sexy, and extra time + energy goes into the process, an additional fee of $100 is charged to reschedule to another class.

      That, my friends, is my Karma-Friendly Cancellation Policy.

    What past students have to say...

    • To others I would say: Open yourself to the possibilities of using energy to improve your life. I learned Reiki as a way to share healing and to help myself.
    • I loved being in this class! I felt you were truly here to teach us in a positive way. The day was very relaxing and had a very comfortable energy to the whole experience.
    • After learning each level of Reiki, I feel more and more in tune with myself, others and surroundings. I am so excited to be able to integrate this with my hypnotherapy practice. They go hand in hand so well. Thank you Lindsay Rose.
    • I am so glad I took this course! You are a really good teacher. I like how it is casual, comfortable and you have a lot of knowledge and experience to share. I enjoyed the peaceful and encouraging atmosphere you create.
    • Lindsay Rose, you were a great teacher! You brought a wonderful presence to the group that enabled a good learning environment for us. I also enjoyed your stories of experience and helping others get to the next level.
    • The course was well laid out. You gave us a great learning environment and you have a very open mind. Well done!
    • Lindsay, your carefree demeanor is most encouraging. You are one of those people that is so easy to be around. You're very positive and make it easy to learn Reiki. I now feel confident and a sense of calmness.
    • Thank you Lindsay Rose. You are a wonderful teacher and an inspiration. I am so thankful that our paths met!!
    • My favourite part of the course was getting worked on during the practice sessions. When I was giving a session I felt peaceful and calm. When I was receiving a session from another student I felt SUPER CHARGED! I was relaxed while in the session but wide awake and charged immediately after!
    • I enjoy your teaching style, it is a perfect fit for my learning style... right teacher, right student! When I was giving a practice session, I felt comfortable and at ease. It seemed seamless to go from position to position and feel intuitively guided to use the symbols because of the way we learned them earlier in the day.