Level 2 Certification

At this level the focus is on advancing your knowledge of energy healing and Reiki and taking your learning to a new level.
This level covers:

  • Reiki Healing Symbols – what they mean, when to use and how to draw them
  • Long Distance Reiki healing and how to send it to others
  • How to do Chakra balancing and body scans
  • Clearing unwanted habits and empowering personal goals
  • Learning about working with Reiki + Spirit guides
  • A hands-on session to practice incorporating the Reiki symbols
  • Level 2 Reiki Attunement Ceremony
  • A Certificate of Completion + Manual

* This course meets the required 8 hours of training to apply to the Canadian Reiki Association.

Prerequisite: Reiki Level 1 + a practice period of 2-3 weeks or more between levels.
(you should be comfortable and feel natural at giving sessions to others before moving on to level 2)

Course Fee: $275
Location: 714 Discovery Street, Victoria BC
Length: 9:30 am – 6:00 pm – 8.5 hours
Class Size: 3-6 students
Next Training Date:

Sunday January 26, 2020 – SOLD OUT

March or May 2020 – date will be set soon!

(can’t make this date, but interested in the next one? go here.)

To instantly register for class, click on “Add to Cart” below, if available. Or contact us to ask about paying via e-transfer. Your seat can only be reserved once full payment is received.

Please read the Cancellation + Rescheduling Policy before registering:

  • My Karma Friendly Cancellation Policy

    When you register and make your payment, that’s my cue to block out a seat — and shoo other folks away if the class will be full. I prepare your 20+ page manual. I start crafting your name tag and graduation certificate. I start brewing and meditating on your journey that’s just beginning and holding you in my mind while I’m stuck in traffic.

    I invest in you — just like you invest in yourself, by investing in this class. And that’s why, with exception of tsunamis, earthquakes, tornadoes, avalanches and extreme unforeseeable situations, I do not offer refunds for cancellations —which, to my delight, are fairly infrequent.

    If you are in dire straights and need to reschedule your training to a later date, please please get a hold of me (via email or at 250-595-1985) as soon as possible — out of respect for me and my time to re-jig the class, and most importantly out of respect for those other fine souls I may have to turn away if a seat is not available. If a rescheduling  needs to happen, I will hold your payment until you are able to join me again. Because commitment is sexy, and extra time + energy goes into the process, an additional fee of $50 is charged to reschedule to another class. If less than 48 hours (2 days) notice is given or you are a ‘no show’ the day of, you will forfeit the entire $275 and rescheduling will only happen once another full payment is made.

    That, my friends, is my Karma-Friendly Cancellation Policy.

What past Level 2 students have to say...

  • You are honestly such an amazing teacher. You always make me feel so welcome, comfortable and calm. I felt I was guided energetically and was able to follow my intuition more. You made learning Level 2 so easy and fun!
  • Reiki has already made a substantial difference in my life. I feel so much more connected. During the level 2 course I could feel lots of energy in my hands and could really sense it moving! While receiving a session, I felt very relaxed and safe. I felt a deeper sense of self love, acceptance and forgiveness come in.
  • Your level 2 training was very relaxed yet informative. I appreciate your personal anecdotes and sharing your experiences to learn from. I am glad to have another skill to help people with, as well as help myself heal. I love Reiki!
  • My favourite part of Level 2 was the attunement and the practice sessions. When I was receiving a session it was sooo relaxing. I felt completely recharged afterward. Learning Reiki has already helped me to manage chronic pain. After finishing level 2, I know it will help me to take things to the next level!
    Alisia V
  • My favourite part of the course was getting worked on during the practice sessions. When I was giving a session I felt peaceful and calm. When I was receiving a session from another student I felt SUPER CHARGED! I was relaxed while in the session but wide awake and charged immediately after!
  • I enjoy your teaching style, it is a perfect fit for my learning style... right teacher, right student! When I was giving a practice session, I felt comfortable and at ease. It seemed seamless to go from position to position and feel intuitively guided to use the symbols because of the way we learned them earlier in the day.
  • I feel I have gained a clearer sense of self from the Level 2 training. You have taught me to tune into my own intuition and to trust what that feels like. Again, thank you for an amazing session Lindsay Rose!
    Sandra W