• Choosing Your Teacher

    When becoming an energy healer, such as a Reiki practitioner, the connection between you and your teacher is important.

    I believe when you find the right Reiki teacher, you will know. Your teacher will guide you, support you and be able to offer insight and wisdom beyond a textbook.

    Even through a computer screen, one teacher in particular will stand out to you and that is when you know you've found the one!
  • My Style of Teaching

    My style is unique. I bring the caring and nurturing support you need to grow and learn yet my laid back "make yourself comfortable in my space" approach is often laced with bits of humour. I want this experience to be fun as well as enriching and often my clients say "it's like hanging out with a friend" when they work with me.

    I recognize that you may be in a different place in your experience and learning than the others in the class and I will aim to make you feel as comfortable and valued as possible when we are working together.

    I bring over 20 years experience in the Reiki field, a heap of insight and intuition to each class I teach.

    Learning Reiki will impact you for the rest of your life, in ways you may not imagine. I feel blessed and honored (some moments to a point of tears) to be apart of this journey with you and look forward to working together.
  • Why Learn at the Reiki Energy School?

    - The Real Deal: All classes you take meet the required amount of hours AND cover the required content to apply to the Canadian Reiki Association. This ain't no class full of 'fluffy unicorns and rainbows'. This is the real deal. You deserve to get it all. (It's your time and money we're talking about here)

    - Laughter. There is always fun and laughter in every class. I can promise you that.

    - My intuitive gifts - you get to be up close and personal with it all day long. Rumour has it some magic can happen when my spidey senses start tingling in class.

    - I do what I can to help you develop your own awesome intuition. Just wait 'til you feel it buzzing. I've seen some phenomenal things from first time students in my classes.

    - Love love love. That's right, I sprinkle the day with love, encouragement, inspiration and support. You are awesome and I want you to have confidence in knowing that.

    - Extras.... there are ALWAYS little extras thrown in to make your day even more special.

    - Unlimited tea. Always. All day long.

    - You get to find out your 'Reiki Rock Star' name. How cool is that.
    Mine is 'Sunlight Jasper Inspirer'

    - It will probably change your life. Seriously.

    - Annnnnd I bet it will change at least one other person's life that you will share your gifts with. Now this is probably the most rewarding part of learning Reiki. Just wait... you'll see.
  • Are You at the Start of Your Reiki Journey?

    Are you just starting out and curious whether Reiki is the right path for you?

    If you are here, reading this with even the slightest spark of curiosity within you, then I assure you, you have been called to be here for a reason.

    Almost half of my new students have registered for Level 1 without ever having received a reiki session before.
    They say they felt drawn to learn it and I am happy to say most of them have been some of my brightest shining students so far.

    I want your journey to be as comfortable as possible so I highly encourage you to receive a session before you take your first class. This will give you a good feel of what to expect during the day, especially during the class practice sessions. You will probably have an awesome first experience with me and this will super-charge your batteries for you to be a channel for energy right from the get-go.

    I offer all my registered Reiki students a super special price of $60 when you come in for a 1-1 session with me before your training.
    (that's $30 off my usual 'New Client' rate)

    If you want a session you can easily book online here, or send me an email: info@ReikiEnergySchool.com

    Click on the Level 1 Certification link on the left hand side of this page to learn all the delightful details about the course.
  • Are You Already a Reiki Practitioner?

    It is so wonderful to connect with people who have taken the plunge and are swimming in the beautiful Reiki energy healing waters.

    I hope it has been a lovely journey for you so far.

    If you are looking to continue your path with Level 2, Level 3/Personal Mastery or as a Master Teacher then I'm happy to be here for you. Click on the menu at the top of this page to learn more juicy details about the level you are advancing to.

    Or maybe you are already a Reiki Master and are just looking to connect with like-minded souls that you can relate to (then this is the place!).

    Additional workshops and gatherings are available to those who are already Reiki Practitioners. Go ahead and click on the tab below this one to find out more.
  • Additional Reiki Support & Classes

    Once you are a Reiki Practitioner you may be interested in expanding and growing even more.

    At the Reiki Energy School you have this chance:
    (these are suitable for all levels of Reiki practitioners)

    - Work 1-1 with Lindsay Rose to expand your intuition or to refresh your skills. If you want a session you can easily book online here, or send me an email: info@ReikiEnergySchool.com

    - Group gatherings with other Reiki Practitioners to do 'Reiki Shares' so you can give and receive this delicious energy healing we all crave. This is also a chance to build your skills and experience, while receiving any healing you may personally require. Win-Win-Win.

    - The Intuition Development Course runs over a 4 week period and can help practitioners expand and grow their natural gifts. It's extraordinary when your intuition will guide you through a session. More details are here.

    - The Refresher Class where Lindsay Rose will:
    - re-teach a portion of the content
    - do another mini-attunement for you (to brighten up your 3rd Eye)
    - have Q & A time for you to pick her intuitive brain to help advance your practice.

    Any of these sound like what you need?
    Click on the links above or send me an email and I'll let you know when they are happening next.

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” — Buddihst Proverb