reikisymbolmatteReiki | rā-kē

{pronounced ‘ray – key’}

orgin: Japanese from rei = universal + ki = life force energy

An ancient healing technique based on the principle that a practitioner channels energy to another person or themselves by means of touch and positive intention. This activates the natural healing process that restores the body, mind and spirit.

Practitioners often develop intuitive abilities that will continue to expand as they progress through their reiki journey.

In other words, learning Reiki makes a pretty amazing difference in your life and the lives of others. Come learn with Reiki Master + Teacher, Lindsay Rose!

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Raving Students

  • I loved being in this class! I felt you were truly here to teach us in a positive way. The day was very relaxing and had a very comfortable energy to the whole experience.
  • You are honestly such an amazing teacher. You always make me feel so welcome, comfortable and calm. I felt I was guided energetically and was able to follow my intuition more. You made learning Level 2 so easy and fun!
  • Your level 2 training was very relaxed yet informative. I appreciate your personal anecdotes and sharing your experiences to learn from. I am glad to have another skill to help people with, as well as help myself heal. I love Reiki!
  • I am so glad I took this course! You are a really good teacher. I like how it is casual, comfortable and you have a lot of knowledge and experience to share. I enjoyed the peaceful and encouraging atmosphere you create.
  • Lindsay Rose, you were a great teacher! You brought a wonderful presence to the group that enabled a good learning environment for us. I also enjoyed your stories of experience and helping others get to the next level.
  • My favourite part of Reiki 1 was the strong energy connection I had with my partner, even though we were giving our first reiki session to each other. I was very relaxed when receiving a session to a point I dozed off. By the end of the day I felt very calm and relaxed with a sense of balance. Learning reiki will help me live a more balanced life and I get to share this great energy with others.
  • Lindsay, your carefree demeanor is most encouraging. You are one of those people that is so easy to be around. You're very positive and make it easy to learn Reiki. I now feel confident and a sense of calmness.
  • I enjoy your teaching style, it is a perfect fit for my learning style... right teacher, right student! When I was giving a practice session, I felt comfortable and at ease. It seemed seamless to go from position to position and feel intuitively guided to use the symbols because of the way we learned them earlier in the day.